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Syrian forces begin ground offensive backed by Russia air and sea power - Washington Post -> (2015-10-07 13:38)

'Joe, run': Draft Biden PAC launches ad campaign with a simple message - Washington Post -> (2015-10-07 11:22)

MSF seeks independent inquiry into US attack on Afghan hospital - Reuters -> (2015-10-07 14:38)

Swing states love love love Joe Biden, non-candidate for president - Washington Post -> (2015-10-07 14:38)

Toyota, US clueless about how ISIS got hundreds of brand new pickup trucks - New York Daily News -> (2015-10-07 13:29)

Ben Carson defends comments about Oregon shooting - CBS News -> (2015-10-07 11:21)

Firefighters Battle Extra-Alarm Blaze At Historic Woodlawn Church - CBS Local -> (2015-10-07 13:38)

Convicts from Maximum-Security New York Prison Take on Harvard Debate Team ... - People Magazine -> (2015-10-07 14:45)

Officers who killed man feared ambush after seeing rap video - Los Angeles Times -> (2015-10-07 14:00)

The Latest: Nobel Shows Link Between DNA Repair, Diseases - New York Times -> (2015-10-07 13:07)

Source: Google news
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