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Dallas hospital reportedly failed to follow federal guidelines by sending Ebola ... - Fox News -> (2014-10-02 05:38)

Julia Pierson, Secret Service Director, Resigns Under Pressure About Breaches - New York Times -> (2014-10-02 05:56)

Chinese President's Risky Options for Dealing with Hong Kong Protests - Voice of America -> (2014-10-02 05:36)

US girl kidnapped 12 years ago found in Mexico - ABC Online -> (2014-10-02 04:27)

Mexican authorities say alleged drug boss Hector Beltran Leyva caught - Fox News -> (2014-10-02 03:23)

Grand jury in Ferguson police shooting case is being investigated for misconduct - -> (2014-10-02 05:54)

Giants slam Pirates in wild-card shutout - Reuters -> (2014-10-02 05:57)

Police made tough call with UVa student missing - (subscription) -> (2014-10-02 03:12)

History fight coming to a head in suburban Denver - -> (2014-10-02 05:26)

XX Files: Informing women about breast density - -> (2014-10-02 05:16)

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