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Black Friday shopping crowds thin after Thanksgiving rush - Reuters -> (2014-11-28 15:49)

Tough to make a case against police in shootings - Newsday -> (2014-11-28 14:56)

Suspected Austin gunman dies after shooting at multiple buildings - Los Angeles Times -> (2014-11-28 16:02)

Oil Enters New Era as OPEC Faces Off Against Shale; Who Blinks as Price ... - Bloomberg -> (2014-11-28 16:01)

David Cameron: Britain's 'future' in EU at stake over immigration - Telegraph.co.uk -> (2014-11-28 15:55)

Pope Francis in Turkey urges faiths to combat fanaticism - BBC News -> (2014-11-28 15:32)

Thanksgiving miracle: Cop recounts dramatic rescue of boys buried for hours in ... - Fox News -> (2014-11-28 15:02)

Explosions Rip Through Worshipers Near Mosque in Nigeria's Kano - Businessweek -> (2014-11-28 16:06)

French Lawmakers Debate Recognizing a Palestinian State - New York Times -> (2014-11-28 15:02)

Wal-Mart's Black Friday Strikes: Are the Workers Already Winning? - Businessweek -> (2014-11-28 15:50)

Source: Google news
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