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Justice Antonin Scalia's death quickly sparks political battle - CNN -> (2016-02-14 05:17)

The GOP's bitter South Carolina brawl - CNN -> (2016-02-14 05:53)

New Zealand cliffs collapse in Christchurch earthquake - BBC News -> (2016-02-14 09:18)

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high: UN - Reuters -> (2016-02-14 07:50)

Russian PM: West is rekindling the Cold War - Philly.com -> (2016-02-14 08:05)

Pope to Bring Message of Hope to Gritty Mexico City Suburb - New York Times -> (2016-02-14 05:16)

US urges Turkey to stop attacks on Kurdish allies - Fox News -> (2016-02-14 07:02)

Temporary Syria truce faces huge hurdles - Philly.com -> (2016-02-14 08:01)

Unhinged man arrested after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend and her two babies to death at a Staten Island hotel - New York Daily News -> (2016-02-14 05:02)

Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for Somalia in-flight jet blast - CNN -> (2016-02-13 15:47)

Source: Google news
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