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Gunmen execute 18 alleged collaborators in Gaza; Israel launches air strikes - Reuters -> (2014-08-22 14:05)

Russian aid trucks roll across border in 'direct invasion,' says Ukraine - Toronto Star -> (2014-08-22 14:25)

Brother: Foley "without a doubt" volunteered to go first - CBS News -> (2014-08-22 14:39)

Iraqi, Kurdish forces try to rout ISIS in two towns - Al-Arabiya -> (2014-08-22 09:11)

Mitt Romney Had The Perfect Response After Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge - Huffington Post -> (2014-08-22 13:49)

Gov. Rick Perry case on the docket for Friday hearing - USA TODAY -> (2014-08-22 14:47)

Yellen: Job-market shifts complicate rate decision - SFGate -> (2014-08-22 14:51)

Firefighters Hurt After Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Awry - Fox News -> (2014-08-22 14:22)

Shi'ite militia kill dozens of Iraqi Sunnis in mosque shooting - Reuters -> (2014-08-22 14:53)

Syria war toll tops 191000: UN - Channel News Asia -> (2014-08-22 14:49)

Source: Google news
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